The Benefits of Setting Up an Online Company Store

The Benefits of Setting Up an Online Company Store

As trends continue to move toward a digital, e-Commerce environment, especially now, when many companies have their workforce scattered throughout the country, it’s vital to have an online company store. Online stores give your marketing team, sales reps and other buyers the opportunity to order materials, thank you gifts and other marketing collateral with a few simple clicks of a button. From print to hard goods, all of your promotional marketing materials can be set up in an online store; whether the request is for drop shipped or inventoried products, company stores provide ease of use for buyers and administrators.

Why should your company consider using an online store platform?


Many companies buy a wide array of promotional items, from branded apparel, notebooks and pens, awards and print. Online stores allow your company a way to distribute your branded merchandise. Company stores allow your entire organization the opportunity a one-stop-shop to get the items and materials they need. Sales reps can order flyers, gifts and apparel; managers can send anniversary and thank you gifts for employees and owners or administrative staff can choose client thank you gifts that can be shipped directly to their recipients.

Brand Management

Companies spend a lot of time creating brand guidelines. By pre-selecting your store items and the branding on each item, you can rest assured that no one is going outside of the your brand guidelines. Pre-selecting  merchandise allows your company to have confidence that the items, colors and logo’s being used are consistent and brand-approved.

Ease of Set Up

At Pica Marketing Group, we help you pre-select the categories, items and colors of products that will be available to your users. Whether you want one logo available or three, or logo placement in specific areas, we set up all of the options your users get to choose from. We also load all of the items, pricing, images and payment options for you. Set-up, maintenance, support and tracking is all handled by our team. We can refresh your store quarterly, annually or based on special events or promotions.


Organizations that choose an e-commerce company store want to know about how certain items are selling and the overall performance of the store. Our systems allow us to provide detailed reporting on overall sales, promotional sales, category sales, average order rates and sell-through rates. These reports help your organization make informed decisions on which products sell well and how to determine future item choices and products that should be discontinued. Our reporting functions also allow us to track inventory so we can alert you when items need to be replenished.


What other benefits come from implementing a company store for your marketing efforts? As an experienced online store provider, Pica Marketing Group is happy to discuss how online stores can advance your company marketing. Reach out to us today:



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