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Stand Up and Stand Out With Dynamite Branding

Who: An International Transport Group needing to revitalize its brand identity

The Problem: Bland, corporate logos don’t do much to help you stand out. This transport group realized that their generic internal logos were boring, forgettable, and didn’t help them stand out within their larger corporate ownership. They needed branding that really showed what they stood for, but didn’t know where to start.

Our solution: After getting to know the group’s values and objectives, the fun began! We designed 200+ unique logo concepts based on the groups identities, ranging from modern and minimalist to bold and dynamic. Once they chose their favorite, we then developed a line of custom apparel and swag featuring the newly crafted logos, then provided a clear strategy for helping them implement their new brand identity into their day to day operations, cementing the new logo into the fabric of their group.

The result: With their shiny new logo and snappy swag, the transportation group had a new lease on professional life. Suddenly it was cool to work from the group and wear their merch. They stood out from the rest of the company, had their own identity, and, best of all, saw a noticeable uptick in sales and business opportunities that ultimately helped them grow. Branding matters!


Make Direct Mailers a Grand Slam

Who: A tennis club wanting to increase new memberships and stand out.

The problem: How do you stand out and get people to actually take action? A tennis club wanted to invite people within a 50 mile radius to check them out, but needed a non-traditional way to pique the public’s interest, because a letter and coupon just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Our solution: We helped the tennis club come up with something novel–a direct mailer that was going to get them noticed! Each household received a custom box in the mail with a branded tennis ball embedded in a tennis racquet graphic, along with a plastic membership card with their names already printed on them! It was marketing that was definitely hard to miss.

The result: The community noticed! Our mailer had a 20% response rate, resulting in 75 new memberships and reducing cost per lead from $2500 to just $52. Ther projected revenue jumped from $42,000 to $1.5 million in gross sales from a single campaign. BOOM!

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Creative Thinking Skyrockets ROI for Plumbing Parts Company

Who: An international plumbing parts company getting geared up for two major trade shows

The Challenge: With a $50,000 budget, and 8 person team for a 3 day event, this company wanted to get the biggest bang for their buck and drive sales. Their idea? Buy 50,000 items priced at $1 each.

Our Solution: We suggested something a little different. After audience research, we zeroed in on a target audience of 2500 people with a military background. We recommended and helped implement a direct mail piece to the 2500 with a military challenge coin that they could bring to the booth for a much more valuable $100 item.

The Result: Together, we set a goal of 10% conversion for the audience of 2500. At the shows, nearly twice that number engaged with the team, bringing in $42 million in sales from the first show, and $44 million from the second show six months later. Now THAT’S an ROI we can get behind!


On-Demand Printing Saves Money and Hassle

Who: A Regional Chamber of Commerce wanting to increase alumni engagement and fund a scholarship.

The problem: What’s the best way for an alumni to brag about their chamber of commerce membership? Give them swag! This regional chamber of commerce wanted to get their alumni swagged out while also raising money for their scholarship fund. But they didn’t have the upfront funds available to buy inventory in advance, let alone warehouse the stock.

Our solution: Smaller groups often don’t have the resources to pre-purchase or warehouse swag. Luckily, the answer is simple: printing on demand. We helped the chamber design an impressive catalog of branded merch, list it in an online store, and add a call to action for donating to the scholarship fund to the checkout process. Once orders came in, our production team printed and distributed the merch as needed.

The result: With no minimum order requirements, the Chamber could have easy access to ordering 1 or 100 of any item. With such an easy process, the Chamber was able to keep its alumni decked out, raise money for their scholarship fund, all while keeping costs low. That’s what we call a win-win!


Grab Their Attention With Targeted Products

Who: Automotive Trade Organization looking to get trade show traffic.

The problem: The organization wanted to stand out at a dealer convention in Las Vegas, but how do you make a splash in the loudest, brightest, showiest place on earth? A pre-convention invitation would go a long way to get their audience’s attention before they even got to Vegas.

Our solution: If you can’t beat them, join them! We decided to lean into Vegas’ image of an exciting location full of gambling and big wins. We helped the organization design, print, and distribute felt craps tables, complete with red dice, in mailer tubes to their audience. The best part? The back of the tables were printed with instructions on how to find the organization in the convention center, with an invitation to bring the dice with them to win additional promotional products.

The result: Total success! The organization enjoyed heavy traffic for the entirety of the trade show, helping them stand out in the crowd. Attendees couldn’t wait to roll the dice!


An Online Hub Makes Branded Merch Easier for Everyone

Who: An international fuel cell container technology needing to distribute printed and branded material for a variety of departments.

The challenge: This company had all sorts of branded material for their departments, but no good way to get them into the hands of the employees who needed them. From equipping the marketing team for trade shows to getting branded merch to the sales team to the new guy in HR who needed letterhead and business cards, they struggled to get people what they needed in an easy, streamlined way.

Our solution: We helped the company build a completely custom, user-friendly website to act as the hub for all of their branded materials. Employees could easily order branded merch, apparel, trade show booth materials, even business cards and brochures from one central location. We also helped incorporate their online and social promotions into the site to make online and offline efforts work together like best buddies.

The result: With a one-stop-shop for all things branded, the company was able to make distribution faster and more efficient, simplify trade show logistics, ensure branding was consistent across all digital and print materials, and increase engagement and traffic to the website. Talk about easy street!

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Customer Reward Site: Life-Style & Worksite


When the Rewards are Right, The Sales Roll In

Who: An International Plumbing parts company wanting to help motivate their distributors to increase sales

The challenge: With a wide distribution network, this plumbing parts company wanted to incentivize sales in a way that would set them apart from their competitors and increase brand loyalty. The only problem? They didn’t want to look like everyone else with cash bonuses or generic merch.

Our solution: We helped the company build a new approach to rewards from the ground up. Instead of tired rewards, we created a point system based on receipt totals. Distributors could save up points and redeem them at a curated online store that we built and refreshed with new specialty items every 2-3 months. We also created a campaign to build excitement about the new program, and stayed in regular communication with distributors to highlight promotions and specials.

The result: In short, the distributors loved it! The company reported more than $44 million in additional revenue thanks to the program, expanding their market share and increasing brand awareness around the world. And if the plumbers are happy….everyone’s happy!

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