Give The People What They Actually Want

Promotional products that act as tools, not afterthoughts.

Support Your Goals

Avoid Waste

See Clear ROI

Let’s Get Strategic

We’ve all come home from events with bizarrely narrow tote bags, strange squishy objects, pens, more pens, and other cheap, forgettable stuff that ends up in the bin. If you want to stand out, you’ve got to think differently.

At Pica we aren’t just going to slap your logo on junk; we’re going to make sure the promotional products we help you design and order fit into your overall strategy so you can see an actual return on investment (and keep stuff out of the landfill). With innovative ideas that work for you, your cost goes down and your return goes up. Simple as that.

Blow Their Minds

When you focus on the process, not just the product, you’ll create experiences and engagement that your audience (and the c-suite) won’t soon forget.

Grab Their Attention

Whether you’re looking for killer event t-shirts, buzz-worthy trade show giveaways, or drool-worthy prizes that will get your employees pumped, we’ll help you find new and exciting ways to use promotional products to your advantage.

Make an Impression

When your audience is using (and loving!) the products they got from you, you’ll stay top of mind and top of their list of favorite companies. It’s a lot harder to do that from the bottom of a trash can.

See the Difference

Stop throwing money to the promotional product gods and hoping that some will trickle back. We’ll help you track your investment so you can see exactly what results you got…and exactly how much you can brag to your boss about bringing in.

“Pica was very helpful and knowledgeable in providing the product we were looking for. They went above and beyond to help us.”
Diane Winters

Be a Storyteller

You want to get noticed…we want you to, too! We’ll help you grab your audience’s attention by building you a solid marketing strategy. Marketing isn’t just pithy one-liners: it’s about creating a compelling story around your brand and the products you use to promote yourself. And when a great promotional product lands on the desk of a potential client as part of a solid and creative marketing strategy, it’s not just a thing, it’s a call to action.

Promotions with Impact

It’s your chance to make an impression. Make it stick.

Think Quality

Few people are interested in collecting useless tchotchkes in tote bags these days. Your audience wants something useful, creative, and sustainable. We’ll find the products that speak to them.

Tell a Story

A great promotional product is a natural extension of your company’s brand and message. Pica Marketing Group will craft a compelling story around your product securing increased engagement and brand recognition.

Brand Impression

The promotional products you choose give your audience an impression of your brand that they carry with them. Let Pica Marketing Group build your brand with products that aren’t just good enough—they’re enviable.

“Pica Marketing Group has always exemplified hard work, dedication, honesty, and doing everything that they promise to do.”
John Loria

Support Every Step of the Way

Enjoy benefits that you just can’t get from a website or catalog.

Don’t Be Boring.

Pica Marketing Group is waiting to create a clever promotional product plan that connects you to your potential clients.