Recycling Your Old Gear

Go Green to Fight Brand fill

Together we can eliminate waste from landfills and build a more thoughtful approach to old swag.

Clean Out Clutter

Build Sustainability

Help the Planet

Break the Cycle

Did you know 85% of textiles thrown away are dumped in landfills? Pica Marketing Group wants to help you change the life cycle of swag. Whether you’ve recently rebranded and have tons of outdated merch, or just want to clean out the swag closet, our Green Program gives you a thoughtful alternative to throwing everything out.


Add a clearance or sale section to your employee storefront, and we will help you move the inventory to our location so we can help you monitor or get rid of it.


Pica Marketing Group will help donate your unused swag to a shelter, school, or other non-profit on your behalf. (You may be able to get tax breaks, too!)


If your swag cannot be resold or donated, we will partner you with our recycle experts to help you responsibly recycle your products. We’ve got you!

If all else fails, we’ll help you find a solution for disposal, and you can rest easy knowing you did everything you possibly could to go greener.

“We’ve ordered several times from Pica and will do so again. They offer a great variety of earth-friendly products. One of our favorite items are the reusable shopping bags that feel like cloth, but are made entirely of recycled plastic.”

Brenda Meller

It’s time to clean out that closet.

Never ask “We have how many 3 year-old day planners?” again.

Increase Storage

Are your closets overflowing with unorganized, abandoned, and unwanted swag? (Do you even know what’s in there anymore?) We’ll help you inventory your stuff at one of our facilities and give you back storage space in your building!

Manage Inventory and Overruns

If you’re overwhelmed with utilizing your current online storefront platform to track, manage and ship your merchandise, we can help you get organized. We’ll make sure you keep the right inventory while minimizing overbuying, and figure out what to do with the surplus.

Protect Our Planet

We are deeply committed to providing you with sustainable products and solutions. If you’re ready to go greener with the products you purchase, we can provide you with ideas that fit your budget and your sustainability goals.

“Paul (at Pica Marketing) is a creative, strategic marketer with a firm grasp of the requirements and principles of sustainability. I got to know Paul over the last year as the premier supplier of sustainable promotional materials in Southeast Michigan. I strongly recommend working with Pica Marketing Group.”

Jeremy Eckhous

There is More Than One Way to Go Green

Reduce. Reuse. ReTHINK the way you do things.

Many promotional product companies offer Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies to help offset their impact or donate proceeds to mission-driven organizations. If you have ESG priorities, we’ll help you find a promotional product company that aligns with your goals.

Our list of suppliers include ESP policies like:

Zero landfill waste

Solar or wind power

Planting trees

Eliminating carbon footprint

Ocean cleanup

Providing clean water

Supporting rainforests

Habitat for Humanity

Dog rescue

Shelter to Soldier

Rebrand. Recycle.

We’ll help you rehome your outdated branded merch as part of your larger rebranding project.

Rebranding is a huge project, especially when you have branded materials of all kinds with your old colors and logo. When you hire us to take on your rebranding project, we’ll also make sure that your old swag doesn’t end up in a landfill.

As part of our rebranding services we’ll:

Step 1.

Collect all of your old branded merch from shirts to stress balls, including tech items like powerbanks and chargers.

Step 2.

Determine if the merch can be donated or needs to be destroyed.

Step 3.

Donate product on your behalf to a 501C3 organization, recycle it, or destroy it.
Don’t let the hassle of dealing with old, outdated swag keep your company from the rebrand that it needs. We’ll cover all of the details so you can get the new branded merch you need, and not have to worry about getting rid of the merch hiding in all the supply closets in all of your locations.

Swag You Can Feel Good About

According to a recent poll by Survey Monkey, 1 in 3 consumers prefer eco-friendly products. More than a third of respondents (35%) would buy a product that’s better for the environment over another that’s slightly cheaper.

With organizations moving away from single-use products, here are our favorite sustainable products that you won’t even need to recycle:

Reusable Straws

Over 500 million plastic straws are thrown away in the United States each day. In the last few years, plastic straws have been replaced by paper, silicone, bamboo and glass options. Most options come with a pouch or key chain which make them easy to transport.


Our C-FREE line neutralizes carbon impact with Carbonfree certification, removing an equivalent amount of emissions elsewhere in the environment. Offsets are generated by third-party, verified energy efficiency, renewable energy or forestry carbon offset projects.

Wheat Straw

Wheat straw is the stalk left over after wheat grains are harvested. Normally, the stalk is treated as a waste. However, these stalks can be used for paper and plastic products like lunch containers, tumblers, lip balm tubes, sunglasses and writing instruments.

Reusable Totes

In the United States, 380 billion plastic bags are used each year. Using reusable bags will not only improve our environment and unclog our landfills, but also save millions of dollars in the process of disposing of plastic bags.


Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant that efficiently stores carbon. Bamboo straws, plates, containers and cutting boards are a wonderful alternative to single-use products.

Make the switch to sustainable earth-friendly products. The team at Pica Marketing Group will help you make the right, planet-friendly choices for your organization.

Together, We Can Make the Planet a Little Happier.

Join us on our mission to make the life cycle of brand merch greener so everyone wins.