Stand Out From the Crowd

Get the most bang for your buck with memorable trade show strategy and swag.

Increase Return on Investment

Leave a Lasting Impression

Produce Results

Real Strategy. Real Results.

If you love the idea of an exciting, refreshing approach to trade show booths but just can’t visualize how things could possibly look different, pull up a chair for a real-life story of how we helped a client up their trade show game.

Picture This

A client called with a tradeshow order. Their budget? $50,000. Their desired strategy? Buy $50,000 pens.

We Said, "Let's Think This Through"

Instead of passing one pen out to every attendee, we helped the client narrow the list to 2,500 people who could be serious customers. Then we looked for something in common. In this case, it was a military background.

Time to Get Some Attention

Before the show, we sent a direct mail piece to the audience of 2,500 with a special challenge: bring the enclosed coin to the client’s booth for a special prize. Our goal was to have 10% of recipients—250 people—redeem their coin at the booth.

The Day of the Show

Every person who brought the coin to the booth and had a conversation with a team member got their special prize–a branded backpack worth about $100. (So many people brought the coins to their booth that they ran out of backpacks! Don’t worry–we helped them order more and send them directly to the customers.)

After the Show

We showed the client how to track their results from the trade show in their CRM. After 6 months, the reports were clear: our campaign brought in more than $42 million in sales, and dropped their cost per lead from $3600 to $110. (The cost of the backpack and the direct mailer) Would $50k worth of pens done the same? You do the math.

What could a little trade show strategy do for you?

“Pica Marketing Group is the best when it comes to finding just the right promotional item for the project. They know what works well and is most cost effective – and is creative. Even with tight deadlines, Pica delivers on time and at budget.”

Dr. Cande Tschetter

Speak to the Attendees You Want to Speak To

Trade shows are a great place to meet people. The trouble is, it’s easy to waste time chatting with attendees you never hear from again, passing out 10,000 pieces of branded junk that lead to exactly 0 new sales.

At Pica Marketing Group, we’ll help you design your booth and your strategy from the ground up using audience research and quality promotional products. From what employees wear to how they attract & interact with attendees, we’ll create an innovative approach with trackable ROI. 

“Pica is a top-notch professional in the world of brand marketing, printing, and design. Their knowledge on how to position your product or service to the public is without question A1.”

David Rudolph

Curated Experiences or Copious Exposure?

Leave behind ho hum, disjointed booths to stand apart and meet your trade show sales goals.

Meaningful Marketing

Skipping the mass bundle discounts and spending a bit more on a thoughtful, creative product will not only intrigue your audience but make sure they remember you.

Create a Buzz

From contests to promotions, never-before-seen giveaways to never-so-coordinated employee uniforms, we’ll help you find an inventive way to make your booth everyone wants to visit.

Land the Sales

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending money to get to a trade show, set up a booth, and hand out swag, only to walk away with few or no sales. We’ll help you make sure you land the sales to make it worth it.

“It doesn’t get much better than Pica Marketing Group. Their ability to think out-of-the-box and find the unique, along with their reliable work ethic has led to numerous successful projects.”

Deb Brasch

Be the Belle of the Ball.

With a strategic, creative approach to building your trade show booth in a new way, you’ll not only be the most popular booth, but you’ll land the sales you need with the clients you want.