About the Pica Marketing Process

Let’s Make Some Magic

If you’ve ever dragged a few suitcases of swag from one tradeshow to the next, you’ve likely wondered what your ROI is on all those magnets and erasers. (And you’ve probably also wondered how many of them get tossed in the trash as attendees walk out the door.)

It’s time to think differently about promotional products.

You don’t just need branded ballpoint pens and stress balls. You need the whole picture–strategy, design, implementation, and even recycling–to help you get noticed, supercharge your ROI, and make your promotional products work for you. 

At Pica Marketing Group, we’ll help you upend and upscale your current promotional product strategy.

We want you to get noticed! Since 2008, we’ve helped companies take up their promotional product game and add a dose of unconventionality that puts all eyes on you.

The process is simple—


We’ll get to know you and learn about your project so we can understand how it fits into your company’s overall initiatives and goals


Time to get creative! We’ll help you craft a plan for your promotional products that make you stand out, get noticed, and get clear results.


We work with curated suppliers around the world to ensure your products don’t just arrive on time, but also contribute to a sustainable, eco-responsible world.

Working with Pica Marketing Group is the disruptive innovation you’re looking for to drive your business forward.

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Pica marketing Group Founding Memebers

Meet Our Founders

Learn More About Stephanie and Paul Zafarana

Stephanie and Paul co-founded Pica Marketing Group, establishing a marketing company that values trust, partnership, and industry flexibility. Paul is the maestro of creativity, harnessing ideas that set you apart, while Stephanie has an eye for detail that keeps your projects on track. This powerhouse team will bring you real results.


Meet Stephanie Zafarana, the charismatic co-founder of Pica Marketing Group, and a force in promotional marketing where creativity and precision collide. Since launching Pica in 2008, Stephanie has turned economic challenges into opportunities, crafting memorable campaigns that resonate deeply with audiences. She’s known for her ability to swiftly adapt to market changes. Beyond strategy, Stephanie’s an empathetic leader who ensures every marketing move is a heartfelt extension of the client’s brand. Under her leadership, Pica is not just a marketing firm; it’s a hub of innovation.


Meet Paul Zafarana, MAS, the strategic maestro behind Pica Marketing Group. Since co-founding the company amid economic shake-ups, Paul has been the visionary force and “outside voice” for clients, orchestrating campaigns that resonate beyond expectations, like the cleverly designed pizza box mailer that dramatically boosted client engagement. As a leader, Paul fosters a family-like environment at Pica, emphasizing open communication and a nurturing space where innovative ideas can blossom. Dynamic and daring, Paul doesn’t just play the marketing game—he rewrites the rules.