Let Us Do the Legwork

We’ll take care of storage and fulfillment so you can focus on the bigger strategy.

Securely Store Merch

Maintain Inventory & On-Demand Merch

Fulfill Orders On Time

Tackle the Mess

Anyone who works with company swag knows that part of the job is constantly grappling with where to put all that stuff! (And that’s not even mentioning sorting through the chaos to try to fulfill orders in a timely, efficient manner.) There’s got to be a better way.

Good news! There is! Our storage and fulfillment options help you not only manage your brand merchandise in an orderly fashion, but also maintain your inventory, including print on demand orders, and distribute your orders correctly and on time.

“Pica is great at taking a complex subject and making it simple.”

Sarah Walsh

You Don’t Have to Manage Alone

In your journey to focus on a better process and not just a product, it’s key to think about sustainable storage and fulfillment. We’ve got you covered.

Secure Warehouse

You don’t want your brand to be associated with dirty swag or run the risk of theft. And businesses with HIPAA rules must also follow certain guidelines around merch storage. We can provide clean, secure, and HIPAA compliant warehousing for your brand merch.

Maintain Inventory

Inventory is a constant challenge, from struggling to manage years—or even decades—of old swag to learning how to order correct numbers and catalog inventory. We’ll help you maintain your inventory in an orderly fashion.

Order Fulfillment

There are few things more frustrating than staying on top of processing new orders, quantities, shipping laws, postage requirements, packaging, and fulfillment. We’ll take on the work and stress so your orders always arrive on time.

On-Demand Printing

Need products, but don’t want to worry about storing them? We’ll help you set up an on-demand store that prints products as soon as they’re ordered. With no minimum order requirements, we’ll ensure you get as many (or as few) items as you need.

Offload the hassle of storage and fulfillment and give yourself more time for the things that matter.

“Pica goes way beyond the call of duty to give their clients exactly what they are looking for.” 

Ken Suminski

Make the Most of Your Space.

Take back space at your company by storing your products at our location. Take back time in your day by letting us fulfill your orders.