Extraordinary Packaging

Our print services create bespoke product experiences your clients won’t soon forget.

Surprise and Delight Your Clients

Reach Your Audience

Enhance the Unboxing Experience

Curate an Experience With Your Brand

The world is already saturated with brown box after brown box filled with stress balls and mugs. How do you stand out in a world of “meh” products?

Enter Pica Marketing Group. We like to think outside the box, inside the box, and all around the box, making an unboxing experience that will have your customers riveted.

Draw Them In

Our print services help you design an experience your audience can’t ignore.

Think Strategically

We’ll help you make a purposeful plan for your promotional products, creating an entire campaign that includes audience, implementation, and tracking.

Make It Simple

Just because it’s creative doesn’t mean it has to be difficult or time consuming. We’ll run your campaign from idea to execution, taking it off your plate.

Stand Out

In this noisy, product-heavy world, we’ll help you get that special je ne sais quois that grabs your audience’s attention and keeps them engaged.

“Pica Marketing has come up with some very interesting and unusual marketing tools for our clients. As soon as they know the clients’ objectives, budget, and time frame, they kick into gear and present options and possibilities. Pica Marketing is a great business partner as they possess an enthusiastic spirit, a creative perspective, and a ‘can do’ frame of thinking.”

Miryam Smith

Time to Level Up Your Promotions

Creating a promotional experience isn’t just about picking the right mug or pen. An experience comes from the innovative way to prepare, wrap, and deliver your product.

You could pass out a pen with your logo on it. But imagine distributing a Swiss Army knife in custom packaging that describes your sales team as people capable of multiple utilities, switching between tasks and skills as quickly as a knife.

You could send a direct mailer. But imagine sending a custom pizza cutter with the person’s name on it along with a fresh pizza from a local pizzeria, then following up with a call right after delivery was made to make an impact.

See the difference?

Go ahead. Imagine anything. We’ll make it happen.

Unveil. Unwrap. Unleash.

Let Pica Marketing Group craft your signature product experience.

Unique Packaging

An unboxing experience takes your promotional product out of the pile and into the imaginations of potential customers.

AHA Moments

Blow your clients away. Give them a moment where they see your company’s mission in an entirely new way.

True Success

Don’t waste your marketing dollars on the same old thing. We’ll work hard to put your brand out there. And you’ll love your ROI.

“The team at Pica are outstanding print production professionals with a true understanding of meeting tight deadlines and a firm commitment to quality. Do yourself a favor and consider them for any of your upcoming print production needs!”

Crawford Wolfe

Spark Excitement.

A full unboxing experience is captivating. Start leaving a lasting impression.