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When a Logo Isn’t Enough

Does your company have a killer logo but no plan for how to implement it? Do you see a disconnect between visual elements in each of your departments? Are you witnessing the slow but steady disintegration of your branding as each employee adds their own “flair” to your fonts and colors?

At Pica Marketing Group, we understand that branding has to be a complete package to be the most effective. You need a great logo, but you also need a comprehensive brand deployment plan. You need someone who can see the big picture and orchestrate every detail from clear brand messaging at trade shows to the smallest details, like ensuring every employee in your company is using the same business card template.

We’ll craft a strategy to help your brand stay focused, effective, and powerful.

“It doesn’t get much better than Pica Marketing. Their ability to think out-of-the-box and find the unique, along with their reliable work ethic has led to numerous successful projects. If you need someone you can trust to deliver the goods…then Pica is it!”

Deb Brasch

 Get Noticed for All the Right Reasons

We’ll help you keep your brand your brand.

Create Consistency

It’s hard to create brand recognition when all of your promotional products look different. Under our watchful eye, we’ll help your branding hold steady no matter what type of application or product you’re using.


Are you spending thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, on marketing that you can’t track? With us handling your branding, you’ll bring in more new clients per marketing dollar than you thought possible.

Cohesive Messaging

You don’t want your audience to be confused by your promotional products. We’ll keep your marketing out of the murk. With a cohesive look and feel across all products and campaigns, you’ll draw new clients in.

“Pica is a top-notch professional in the world of brand marketing, printing, and design. Their knowledge on how to position your product or service to the public is without question A1.”

David Rudolph

Upend and Upscale Your Branding

You don’t get somewhere new without doing something new.

Working with Pica Marketing Group is a full-throttle experience.

Outclass the Competition

Maybe taking the same tired tablecloth to every trade show is okay for the competition, but not for you. Pica will help you create an immersive brand experience for your clients that will leave them wanting more.

Stress Less

With Pica on the scene, you can put your promotional product marketing in capable hands and relax. We’ll take safeguarding the integrity of your brand off your plate so you can focus on your job–not policing fonts and colors.

Meet Your Goals

Get used to handing over exceptional quarterly reports when Pica is behind your brand strategy. With traceable ROI, meeting your goals is just one of the benefits of working with our marketing pros.

The team at Pica Marketing Group is here to make some marketing magic.

Create. Innovate. Protect. Excite.

Let us be part of your brand’s glow up.