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eco-responsible products

Fill Your Calendar, Not the Landfill

Let’s be real. Without the right strategy, most cheaply-made promotional products end up in the trash can–sometimes even before the conference or event is over. Not only is this a waste of your hard work and marketing dollars, but it’s bad news for the planet. 

At Pica Marketing Group, we take the time to craft out-of-the-box solutions to showcase your brand with meaningful, eco-responsible products that drive results.

Trade Shows

Direct Mail Campaigns

Customer/Employee Appreciation

Swag Recycling

Company Stores and Fulfillment

“I partnered with Pica Marketing Group on an extensive rewards program where all the redemption items included our logo’d merchandise. The options they presented on a regular basis were so unique and high-end. They were a true partner in the program – always working to better logistics, fulfillment and redemption options. I won’t hesitate to work with Pica Marketing Group again!”

Molly Morrow

Create some buzz with Pica Marketing

Make Them Say WOW

Products that grab your audience’s (and boss’!) attention. In a good way.

Think Differently

Yes, you could drop loads of cash on cheap merch that nobody actually wants…or you could craft a clever campaign that brings excited, interested people to you.

Rest Easy

Forget about freaked-out, last-minute calls about your products being broken/ugly/stuck in transit. We’ll take care of the details so you can stay cool as a cucumber.

Get Results

Not sure if those $1 pens actually made a difference? We’ll help you craft a strategic plan so you can clearly track your ROI (and snag that employee of the month award).

eco-responsible products

Better Strategy =
WAY Better Results

Promotional products that can move the needle, lower cost per lead, and still be friendly to the planet? You’d better believe it.


We’ll get to know you and your project so we can understand how it fits into your company’s overall initiatives and goals.


Time to get creative! We’ll help you craft a plan for your promotional products that make you stand out, get noticed, and get clear results.


We work with curated suppliers around the world to ensure your products don’t just arrive on time, but also contribute to a sustainable, eco-responsible world.

“I can’t think of a better company to hire for your company’s promotional needs. Pica Marketing Group brings fresh, out of the box ideas to all of my projects at a great price. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is second to none!”

Melissa Hunt-Sampey

Create some buzz

Merch That Checks All the Boxes

At Pica Marketing Group, we know that when you’re adding promotional products to your marketing, you don’t need something that just looks pretty—you need hard-hitting results.

So how do you stand out in a market where people are flooded with cheap swag?

It starts by focusing on the process, not just the product. By taking a deep dive into your audience, the theme, and overall goals of your campaign you can create exciting, unique products that wow your audience…and don’t end up cluttering your supply closets and landfills.

There are plenty of companies out there that will gladly take your money and slap your logo on something, leaving you to figure out what to do with it.  (And if there’s a problem with the product or fulfillment? You’re on your own, kid.)

But that’s not us. Using our decades of experience in marketing, printing, and sustainability, we partner with you to create expert strategy and deliver meaningful, sustainable products with trackable results that showcase your brand.





Tell us about your needs and goals, and let’s work together on promotional products that will knock your audience’s socks off.

“It doesn’t get much better than Pica Marketing Group. Their ability to think out-of-the-box and find the unique, along with their reliable work ethic has led to numerous successful projects.”

Deb Brasch

Pica Marketing in Action

There’s a reason Pica Marketing has won the PPAI International Pyramid award more than a dozen times. Check out some of the projects that have made our clients say “I wish that I had met you sooner!”


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