Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

employee appreciation day

Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

Celebrated the first Friday in March, Employee Appreciation Day give business leaders, bosses and HR Managers the opportunity to thank and acknowledge their workforce. If you are looking for a unique way to reward your staff with gifts and events, here are some ways to celebrate in style:

Plan a Cocktail/Mocktail Crafting Class

This is a fun interactive experience, whether it is done in-person or virtually. Hire a Mixologist who helps guide everyone through ingredients and the steps to making the cocktail. It’s also vital that your Mixologist has  sense of humor, a fun vibe and can share a few fun stories to keep the social aspect moving in the right direction. Make sure that all of your attendees have the right tools to make their signature cocktails.

  • The Cocktail Canteen is an insulated cocktail shaker filled with all of the tools you need to make great drinks anywhere, anytime


Organize a Game Day/Nighthttps://www.picamarketinggroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/cocktail-canteen.jpgcocktail canteen
What is better to boost morale than some fun and friendly competition? You know what they say: don’t hate the player, hate the game. Well, it’s flat out impossible to dislike this Brain Games set. It will keep your clients’ attention with entertaining brain teasers like engraved wooden word builder dice, engraved wooden cube puzzle, and a mini composition book and pencil with debossed leather sleeve. The Brain Games Set is the ultimate crowd pleaser.

brain games

Offer a Sweet Snack

Who doesn’t like a box full of their favorite snacks? With our Batch kits you will be sure to please every palette with a uniquely curated and unforgettable food experience. From sweet and smooth, rise & shine to dark and rich, you can custom build a tasty snack experience based on the unique tastes and palettes of each individual.


Taco Fiesta Party! 

Let’s be honest. Everyone likes food, and almost everyone likes tacos. Work, Live, Fiesta! We all know a taco lover that will enjoy creating this fiesta of fun. A delicious experience gift that can be shared with family and friends. Ideal for corporate programs or employee appreciation this Taco Night gift set will be que bueno!

Office Yoga

Even if your office is still virtual, many people have adapted to online workouts. Find a local Yoga instructor that will help your employees release stress while emphasizing wellness. Don’t forget to send your staff a special yoga or wellness inspired gift in advance of getting your Zen on!

Professional Yoga Mat


It’s important that your employees feel important and recognized. By acknowledging all that they offer to your company and sending them a gift or sign of support, you will reap the rewards of a loyal and productive organization.


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