September is Fall Hat Month

fall hat month

September is Fall Hat Month

With fall just a week away and the temps soon to be cooler, it’s time to dig up those cool-weather caps. With September being National Fall Hat Month, and because it’s one of our top-selling products, we wanted to share with you our favorite styles and some information on the effectiveness of promotional hats.

Headwear statistics:

85% of people recall the advertiser that gave them a promotional hat

41% of people in the US own a promotional cap

42% of consumers keep a promotional hat because they are useful and attractive


What style hat is best for your promotional campaign? Here is a list of our top sellers and their attributes:


Knit Hats/Beanies: a knit hat is a staple for fall and winter. Usually made of cotton or wool, these hats help you stay warm and cozy. These caps are great for handing out at outdoor events like parades and athletic events.

Mesh Back Trucker Cap: the original promo cap, the trucker cap is commonly referred to as a “gimmee cap” as it originated during the 60’s as a promotional giveaway by farming supply companies to farmers and truckers. This hat style is similar in style to a baseball hat, but instead of fabric on the back panels, mesh is used for breathability.

Classic “Dap Cap”: these caps are an unstructured, six-panel cap. Usually made of canvas, this is a simple cap, without the bells and whistles of some of the more customizable hats. 

Visor: developed to keep the sun out of your eyes, visors are frequently used for outdoor sports like golf and tennis. They normally have cooling and wicking properties that pull moisture away from the skin. 

Performance Hat: these hats are made of polyester and have similar properties to visors in that they are designed to pull moisture from the head. Opposite of the visor, these hats cover the entire head and have adjustable closures like velcro, snapback, or hook and loop.

Fitted Hat: Flexible fit hats differ from the standard baseball hat in that they do not have a closure at the back of the hat. Instead they offer sizes (S/M, M/L). These hats have a very clean, tailored look and are now the preferred style for many baseball teams. 

Safety Cap: Safety Caps are commonly worn in the trades and construction industries. They are usually enhanced with reflective materials and are usually made in safety colors like neon green, orange or yellow so that they can be easily spotted. 


Choosing the right headgear for the season and for your organization’s needs is important. Let our headwear experts assist you in choosing the right style for your business – reach out to


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