Fall Apparel Guide

fall apparel essentials

Fall Apparel Guide

The cooler the weather, the more comfortable the clothes. When summer shifts to fall, it’s time to dig out the warmer gear. And although we are sad to see summer go, a fall wardrobe refresh is a great way to usher in a new season. Check out our breakdown of fall must-have apparel items. Whether casual or corporate, these items are essential for everyone’s’ fall wardrobe:

Hoody: There is an abundance of styles to choose from when it comes to the hoody. Whether it’s a light knit or a thick, fleece lined style, the hoody is one of fall’s most indispensable clothing options. Want a zipper? Check. Want a front pocket? Check. Side pockets? Check. Interior tech pocket? Check. Hoodies have come a long way, baby.

Down Vest: It’s hard to beat a down vest when it comes to a cool fall day. They provide extra insulation for cooler days or a little bit of breathing room on warmer days. Most vests are very weather resistant as well. Due to less material, they are more budget -friendly than a full jacket, and are easy to carry and pack for hikes and traveling.

Softshell Jacket: softshell jackets offer the ultimate in weather-resistant material. They also allow for a lot of mobility and stretch, making them great options for outdoor activities. Their durable material also makes them long-lasting and many softshells are great at helping you maintain your body temperature, making them a great all-year option.

Wicking Pullover: Fall might bring cooler temps, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still hit the golf course. Polyester wicking pullovers are great for keeping the elements away from your body on warmer days.

Scarf: No fall outfit is complete without a trendy scarf. Not only is a scarf is great way to spice up any outfit, it helps insulate your neck from frigid temps. Throw one on during your brisk morning walk and keep it on all day as a fashion accessory!

Hat: Remember when you were a kid and your mom would say you lose 75% of your body heat through your head? Well that theory has been debunked, but if you’ve ever had frozen ears on a cool day, then you know how handy a fleece or knit hat can be! Not to mention, they can help redeem a really bad hair day too.

Socks: Did you know that keeping your feet warm is actually good for the immune system? Yes! The feet can be a key component to your health. So while you are protecting your health and immune system, why not wear a cute, comfy pair of socks while you’re at it?

Gloves: It’s important to protect the hands from cooler temps. Hands tend to lose heat very quickly, so protecting them from dropping temps is important. Gloves allow your fingers to stay flexible which assists in your grip when driving or in other activities.

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