Why You Should Outsource Kitting Projects

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Why You Should Outsource Kitting Projects

So you have a brilliant idea to create a marketing box. Awesome! Brand boxes are one of the hottest trends around. But pulling it altogether can be a huge task. Why should you consider outsourcing your kitting projects to a trusted partner? There are many pieces that go into putting together a successful kiting project:


At Pica Marketing Group, we are product sourcing experts. We take the time to understand your goals, audience and long-term strategy. We have received numerous awards based on the concepts we have created for our clients. We are the product experts and have a immense network of product manufacturers that we partner with to provide you with the perfect solution for your marketing initiative. Not only do we choose the best products, we make sure that the items that are chosen can be easily packaged together.


If you work in an office that has limited space or does not have a warehousing area, finding a place to store boxes, products, print pieces and shipping supplies can prove to be a challenge.


We choose the best packaging options; from size to graphic design we pay attention to important details. Forgot the boring kraft cardboard box. We can custom design not only the box and the design, but also the interior. Whether it’s printed tissue paper, a custom foam insert to hold the items securely or a personalized note, our team of experts will develop the best packaging solution for your project.


Kitting projects are very time-intensive. Your team is busy and kitting projects can take weeks, even months to coordinate. Taking your staff away from important daily tasks is not usually an option for most businesses. Our kitting team will manage all of those time-consuming tasks for you so your team doesn’t have to worry about  falling behind on daily tasks, or using staff that might not have the expertise to pull together something of this magnitude.


From keeping a database of dates, addresses and names to drop shipping to one or hundreds of recipients, our team handles the process of processing your kits for distribution. We have numerous fulfillment locations across the country that can house and ship your items.


What types of events can Pica Marketing Group handle for you?

  1. Birthday programs
  2. Work From Home Kits
  3. Direct Mail Drip Campaigns
  4. Customer Thank You and Loyalty Programs
  5. Fundraiser Kits
  6. College Welcome Packets
  7. Onboarding Gifts and Packets

Reach out to our team today to team up with Pica Marketing Group to be your kitting partner. Our team has all of the tools and resources in place to make sure your kitting and fulfillment projects are managed to perfection.



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