How to Observe Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

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How to Observe Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

Each year in May, the Global Employee Health Fitness Month is observed. This initiative helps to improve the health and wellness of the global workforce. It’s no accident that this initiative is observed at the time of year when people are able to get outdoors and be more active.

Not only does Global Employee Health Fitness Month benefit the overall health of employees, but it also benefits employers. Creating clear-cut health programs delivers a happier, more energized, productive and lower stressed workforce.

It also helps lessen sick days, decreases insurance costs for employer and employee and boosts productivity.

Here are some activities you can use to promote Global Employee Health Fitness Month at your business:

  1. Encourage employees to park farther away from the building
  2. Stock your break room with healthy snack options
  3. Send out daily health tips and/or healthy recipes
  4. Organize a company wide walk/run (in-person or virtual)
  5. Set up a small on-site workout facility
  6. Create a company garden: employees can grow their own fresh produce
  7. Host an outdoor field/game day

Introduce products and items that encourage movement:

Yoga Mats

The wonderful thing about yoga is that it is low-impact so it can easily be done on a lunch break without working up a major sweat. Create a weekly yoga session in a break-room or out on the lawn.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great way to stay active while at work. Whether on hold or on a Zoom, bands can be put around the knees, used on the arms or for the neck to stretch and strengthen…..even while working! Multi-tasking at its finest!

Water Bottles with Motivational Measurements

We’ve all heard about the importance of staying hydrated and the effects it has on metabolism, releasing toxins and skin health. But we also know how difficult it can be to drink the recommended ounces of water daily that we need to stay at optimum levels of hydration. Consider gifting water bottles with liquid measurements and motivational messages to your employees to help them track their water intake and keep them driven.

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Fanny Packs

No more worrying about where to put car keys, a phone or other necessities while on a walk, hike or jog. Fanny packs are great for lightweight storage for essentials, while also attaching to your waist so they are accessible for any items as needed while out participating in outdoor activities.

Ear Buds

Nothing can motivate like a good workout song; it gets the heart pumping, the blood pressure up and the spirits sailing. Pop in a good seat of ear buds and that music will be just the thing people need to keep moving and hit their goals.

Encouraging employees to participate in Global Employee Health Fitness Month can be done by offering many of the recommendations above. This can bring opportunities to not only increase overall wellness but positivity, productiveness and a positive workplace culture.


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