How to Become More Creative

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How to Become More Creative

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” ~ Albert Einstein

Are we born with creativity, or is it learned? When you think of creativity, do you think of artists, musicians and poets? Although people are born with certain natural talents, creativity is actually a learned skill.

Since skill takes time and development, what are some ways that you can increase your creative mind? Here are some ways to start building your natural creativity:

Be a Doodler

According to an article by, “research in neuroscience, psychology and design has recently demonstrated that people who doodle are often better at grasping new concepts and staying focused, using the page and the pen as a means of refining creative ideas.” In other words, doodling inspires greater ideas and expands the imagination.

Be an Observer

You’ve heard people say, “I love people watching.” There’s a reason for this. Observation of the activities of those around you, help you discover things about people you may not have considered before. It might be style, mannerisms or how people interact with others. Observing others, as well as the world around you, opens up your mind to our environment and can help your imagination flourish.

Change Your Scenery

Being stuck behind the same four walls can get mundane. Go places you haven’t been. Work remotely from a café you’ve never visited in a town you rarely go to. Travel. Visit a park and observe all of the nature surrounding you. Change what you see and the things you see around you will change your vision.

Create Something From Scratch

Every innovative idea came from a blank slate. Build something you love; whether it’s a recipe, woodworking, a vision board or writing a poem. Use your gifts to build something from nothing. Practice it, tweak it and keep doing it until you have created the best version you can imagine.

Creative is 10% gift and 90% hard work. Being creative is more a matter of practice then it is talent. Work hard, practice new skills and the creativity will come.


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