Global Entrepreneurship Week


Global Entrepreneurship Week

As businesses prepare for Global Entrepreneurship Week (the week before Thanksgiving) many established business owners and executives might be thinking of ways to support other budding entrepreneurs. It is a great opportunity for you experienced professionals to support business startups, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs as they set out to grow their businesses.


Listed below are four ways you could support small businesses during Global Entrepreneurship Week.


  1. Share the new businesses posts on social media and interact with their posts


As more customers are connecting with their favorite businesses on social media, it has become a great marketing tool to reach different types of customers. As an established business with a client base on social media, you can support business startups by sharing their posts on your social media page. This enables you to leverage your base of customers to generate more exposure for these startups.


Similarly, interacting with their posts provides additional exposure for these businesses, which then directs traffic to their business pages.


  1. Give them positive reviews on Google and social media


Most people read reviews about businesses to decide whether to buy products or shop for services from a business. As a successful business owner with credibility, providing positive reviews for another small business helps to build credibility in the eyes of their potential customers.


There is also a lot of excitement on social media about new businesses during this time of the year. A positive review on social media helps generate excitement about up and coming businesses.


  1. Offer assistance, guidance or mentorship


For most entrepreneurs starting out on a business venture, it is valuable to have mentorship from an experienced, successful business owner. These entrepreneurs can benefit from guidance and assistance on topics such as marketing, accounting, retaining clients, and building brand awareness as the entrepreneurs move along their business growth journey.


If these entrepreneurs are also struggling with a specific area in which you have tremendous experience and success, offering guidance will help them avoid any issues or mistakes that put their business at jeopardy. For example, if you have had success marketing and promoting your products on social media, you can share your strategies.


  1. Purchase their product or service


One of the best ways to support a small business is to buy their products or services. This is especially helpful if the business has had a slow startup year and is trying to meet some revenue goals. It also gives confidence and boosts morale for new business owners when other small business owners purchase their products or services.


Purchasing the products or services of small businesses is also an opportunity to provide some feedback on the quality of products or services. This is helpful if these entrepreneurs are looking for ways to improve their products or grow their brand.


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