Four Ways To Stay Fit and Active at Your Desk

Four Ways To Stay Fit and Active at Your Desk

Working a desk job is not uncommon, and neither is experiencing discomfort and pain over time. When an individual is sedentary throughout their days and rarely active, the spine, back, and legs often take on the brunt of the body’s weight, which can lead to extreme pressure and long-term damage when not cared for and monitored each day. In order to stay fit and active at your desk, there are a few lifestyle changes you can make and implement into your daily routine. 


Walk During Phone and Online Meetings


Even if you are working a job that is mostly remote and virtual, it is still possible to stay active and fit with a bit of conscious effort. Whenever you take or make a phone call, use the time to stretch your legs and to get a bit of walking in. Walk to your nearby water cooler or even spend time walking outdoors while taking a call, especially if it is a particularly lengthy phone call or phone meeting.


If possible, walk during online meetings to give yourself a break from sitting all day long, especially if you are not on camera or a major presenter and speaker. Taking the time to walk during your meetings and calls is not only ideal for your health, but it can also provide you with a much needed mental break, allowing you to feel more refreshed once you return back to work at your desk. 


Schedule a Lunchtime Workout Break Either at Home or at the Gym


Whenever possible, schedule a lunchtime workout or break at your home or even at your nearest gym. Whether you are working remotely from a desk at your own home or at your workplace, a quick workout break during lunchtime can help you to remain strong, fit, and active. Working out during the middle of your day is not only physically beneficial, but it can also help to provide you with a mental and emotional boost with dopamine and serotonin releases. 


Wear Ankle Weights and Do Leg Lifts Under Your Desk


Wearing ankle weights and taking simple weights to your desk to use throughout the day can help you to remain fit and active, even if you are not looking to lose a significant amount of weight. Use your ankle weights to do leg lifts underneath your desk throughout the day while completing tasks, attending virtual conferences, and even taking phone calls with clients or other coworkers. 


Use Hands-Free Equipment so You Can Stretch Your Arms Throughout the Day


Always use hands-free equipment when working a desk job full-time, especially if you use your arms and hands frequently. Using hands-free devices and equipment can provide you with extra freedom and flexibility to move and stretch your arms around without causing you to feel stuck in place or constricted with each movement you make and task you complete. 


The remote work trend is not slowing down anytime soon, which is why it is so important to learn how to remain active and fit even when working a desk job day in and day out. When you are conscious of your posture, pains, and overall health throughout your day, it is much easier to identify, assess, and address issues that arise and cause you grief immediately.


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