9 Impressive Business Card Alternatives

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9 Impressive Business Card Alternatives

Business cards are a tried and true way to connect with people and leave an impression. But does the standard paper business card really leave people with an impact? What if there were other, more creative ways to grab a customers or prospect’s attention? 

These unique alternatives to the standard business card will help you stand out and be remembered: 


    1. Edible Gifts: cookies, brownies, snack mixes and other treats create a one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to leave a delicious and impressive leave behind. Add your contact info on a label or on a box full of delectable goodies!
    2. Microfiber Cloth: compact and useful, these cloths allow for double sided printing. Display your logo on one side and your contact information on the other.  A reusable microfiber cleaning cloth with a tacky back adheres to devices like smartphones. Custom cards are a great way to take your calling card game to the next level. 
    3. Bottle Opener: Networking after 5? Bottle openers act as a fun way to network at cocktail events or after hours business get-togethers. Bottle openers are likely to be kept for a long period of time so your brand impressions are long-lasting.
    4. USB Card: Make waves with the thin, credit card-sized Laguna USB Flash Drive. The flash drive’s design makes it convenient for slipping into a wallet or tucking into a portfolio at a tradeshow or convention. Functional, fun, and can be decorated on both sides with a full-color process imprint.
    5. Mints: Freshen things up with business card shaped mints. No way will these be chucked in a drawer, never to be seen again. Mints are commonly kept in purses and pockets, making them easily accessible and gets your name seen! 
    6. Phone Wallet: let your name and logo be seen everywhere they go! Adhesive phone wallets are great for on-the-go storage. Smartphones are the most technological item today, which means your brand will be seen a multitude of times! 
    7. Lip Balm: an affordable way to get your name out there, lip balms are also one of the most popular self care items on the market today. 
    8. Key Chain: practical and portable. Key chains are carried place to place almost everyday. Talk about maximum exposure! 
    9. Pen: on average, a pen is used 5-10 times per day and 73% of people have a pen with them at all times. These stats are proof that pens are one of the easiest ways to stay top of mind, while also being highly economical! 

Business cards are an influential way to market your business, but setting yourself apart is where the true impact comes into play. Whatever option you choose for your business cards, we can help your vision become a reality. Contact us at concierge@picamarketinggroup.com to get started. 



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