10 Ways To Create an Eco-Friendly Office

10 Ways To Create an Eco-Friendly Office

Deciding to go green in your office, does not have to be challenging. There are many easy ways to make your office environment more sustainable. If one of your business goals this year is to introduce an eco-friendly program, here are some simple ideas to get started.


1. File documents digitally

Whether you file things on your own server or use a third party service like Dropbox, Box or Google Drive, creating a digital filing system cuts back on paper waste. According to the University of Southern Indiana, Americans use 85,000,000 tons of paper a year; about 680 pounds per person! Imagine how many trees could be saved by using digital files rather than doing unnecessary printing.

2. Recycle

It’s not always possible to not print paper documents, but when you do, make sure you set up recycling bins or centers throughout your office that everyone can use to recycle paper and plastic goods. Be sure to create signage so that everyone in your office is aware of what can be recycled.

3. Provide Reusable Water Bottles, Cups and Mugs

Rather than using paper or plastic throw-away cups, provide drinkware that can be re-used and stored. High usage items like water bottles, coffee mugs and plastic cups can be stored in kitchen areas and office spaces to cut back on harmful plastic cups.

4. Use Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Instead of Paper Towels

A common go-to in most offices to clean up spills or dirt is paper towel. How about using microfiber cloths instead? Many microfiber cloths also have antimicrobial properties that help eliminate germs as well!

Medium Micro-Fiber Cloth (6"x7")5. Invest in Reusable Utensil Sets

Go ahead and throw away that plasticware that fills up landfills and provide every employee with a reusable utensil set! Reusable utensil sets are a great way to cut back on the cost of continually buying and replacing plastic forks, knives and spoons. Forget disposable, go reusable!

Rancho Portable Cutlery Set

6. Provide Eco-Friendly Business Cards

Business cards may not be as plentifully handed out today and they were in years past, thanks to a little thing we call social media, but there are still millions printed (and thrown out each year). There are many eco-friendly business cards options printed on recycled paper. Or how about being a little different and using a product for your business card that doesn’t get tossed, like a magnet, microfiber cloth, or a plantable seed card?

7. Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are one of the coolest tech products to hit the market in recent years. Smart plugs allow users to remotely control lights, devices and other tech directly from an app installed on your smartphone. Did you forget to turn off your laptop, office lights or printer before leaving the office? No problem! Save power and money by investing in smart plugs in your office.

Smart Plug, Smart Life

8. Give The Gift of a Plant

Not only do they pretty up a desk space, but plants provide their own oxygen and help purify the air. There are hundreds of desk friendly options available.

9. Provide Recycled Journals/Notepads

It’s not always realistic to be able to eliminate paper 100% . Some people are note takers and jotters. To help create a sustainable environment there are many recycled journals and notepads available that you can order that feature recycled paper and other materials.


5" x 7" Eco Friendly Spiral Notebook and Pen

10. Allow Work From Home or Remote Working Opportunities

With technology at its prime, working from home or remotely is a very real possibility for millions of people around the world. Remote work cuts back on harmful emissions/pollutants from vehicles, decreases office electricity use and minimizes paper usage. If you haven’t adopted a work from home policy, this is your year to implement one and help our planet!


If this is the year that you have chosen to become an eco-friendly work environment, start using some of the above tips and tricks to help reduce, reuse and recycle your way to a more sustainable workplace!


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