Pet Promos and Why You Should be Using Them

cat and dog banner

If you own or have ever owned a pet, then you know that pets are more than just an animal; they are members of the family. People form extremely strong bonds with their pets. When it comes to promotional products, many times we think about what our direct recipients would like to receive as a […]

September is Fall Hat Month

fall hat month

With fall just a week away and the temps soon to be cooler, it’s time to dig up those cool-weather caps. With September being National Fall Hat Month, and because it’s one of our top-selling products, we wanted to share with you our favorite styles and some information on the effectiveness of promotional hats. Headwear […]

Fall Apparel Guide

fall apparel essentials

The cooler the weather, the more comfortable the clothes. When summer shifts to fall, it’s time to dig out the warmer gear. And although we are sad to see summer go, a fall wardrobe refresh is a great way to usher in a new season. Check out our breakdown of fall must-have apparel items. Whether […]